Jan 25, 2010

Openfeint, IndieGameChallenge, etc

So we now have implemented a system called Openfeint which has leaderboards (sorry to the top rankers on the old board :D, but hey now you can try again!), achievements and more! We're both really excited about being a part of the Openfeint community.

There is a new boss in the works, and an ingame store where you can buy various items and upgrades. More news coming soon on that. Also today was supposed to be the announcement for the Indie Game Challenge 2010 finalists but I guess it's been pushed back a bit.

Dec 19, 2009

Holiday update is Live!!!

Take the challenge against Zombie Santa Clause as he tries to ruin your holiday zombie slaying fun.

Dec 4, 2009

That noise on your roof isn't Santa!

It is in FACT, zombies!!!

Well, it used to be Santa, but this year cookies and milk won't be enough.
If you love Santa I'm very sorry, but staying alive this coming holiday is more important...
If you hate Santa then this is your chance to wail on him for the presents you don't get!

Were shooting to get the update in by Christmas so stay tuned!